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“Fixing” Amber with a special Epoxy Resin. Part 3

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

As you have probably made a conclusion, this special epoxy resin is a good trick that some of the manufacturers might be using to sell you “very high quality”, yet “too good to be true” priced goods.

Sometimes, judging by the amber product’s price, you can tell if it is 100% genuine, or healed with some chemicals.

"However, if you spot amber with a spectacular insect inside - the price might be adequately fair, but the inclusion inside might be actually put inside the amber manually, by the manufacturer. "

To make it more clear, when using epoxy resin, it is possible not only to fix the cracks, fill the holes, but also add some insects from the windowsill into the amber.

Like we did with this product below. Here's a before picture:

And here's a picture of the same bead after applying epoxy resin:

Imagine, how many different manipulations a creative person can make to his amber jewelry, in order to make more money and save, steal or gain new clients, who day-to-day are asking for the highest quality, and lower-priced goods.

If you are buying your amber jewelry from various shops, various sellers, various manufacturers, and now feel lost, afraid to might have been deceived, then look forward to Part 4, where we share our knowledge, how to detect the originality and nature of your amber jewelry.

* Important! Our company, Amber by Torvela, is categorically against any unconscientious adjustments and manipulations when producing amber jewelry. We do not use any glue, lacquer, dye, epoxy resin, plastic or any other chemical materials in our amber jewelry.

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