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“Fixing” Amber with a special Epoxy Resin. Part 2

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In our previous article, we’ve written about a special Epoxy Resin that makes “magic” to imperfect amber beads.

We stressed the fact that by just looking at the product, you cannot determine if it was fixed with epoxy resin, or if it is a completely natural and genuine amber piece.

Here is one more sample, that we have made. A ring before had a clearly visible crack. But after gently applying some of the epoxy resin, the crack was filled and seemed just like a natural, darker shade of amber at that spot.

After reading all of this information, you probably had an idea, that you would check your amber jewelry over the ultraviolet lamp (UV lamp) and that would be the best way to examine if the product was healed with the epoxy resin or not.


“Unfortunately, but this epoxy resin shines the same as natural amber in the ultraviolet amber. You can’t even distinguish the border, where amber ends, and where the epoxy resin starts.

Having in mind this fact, it’s about time we say how important it is to choose a reliable, honest, and fair amber jewelry seller or a supplier (if you are a wholesaler who owns the shop).

Also, there is one way, how, theoretically, you can check if amber jewelry was healed. However, it’s not the cheapest, easiest or quickest.

We will share it with you in later parts of this topic. Stay tuned.

* Important! Our company, Amber by Torvela, is categorically against any unconscientious adjustments and manipulations when producing amber jewelry. We do not use any glue, lacquer, dye, epoxy resin, plastic or any other chemical materials in our amber jewelry.

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