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  • I didn't pick up the parcel from the post on time and it got sent back, what does that mean?
    Once the parcel arrives at our office, we will contact you and offer to resend the parcel repeatedly at an additional EUR 8 shipping cost. After paying for the repeated delivery, the items will be shipped. We will wait for your answer for 6 months after the purchase. In case we will receive no answer, the order will be canceled and the funds will not be returned.
  • Are there any additional taxes when returning a product?
    In case the items are shipped outside EU and EEE, we may (it depends on particular circumstances) incur additional expenses related to custom fees for recording of custom documents (i.e. EUR 18), which will be deducted from the payments to be returned to the Buyer in case of return of the items.
  • How can I learn more about Amber?
    Please explore our Blog about Amber. We've put our knowledge from over 20 years being in Amber business, not only as wholesalers, but also as manufacturers. So you can count on us!
  • What are the shipping options?
    STANDARD SHIPPING Provided by the Lithuanian post, items are shipped with a tracking number, so it has to be signed when picked up. Delivery times at this period of time expanded and are difficult to estimate, therefore please contact us directly for the newest information. Price: 8 euros or Free, when the total amount of the cart reaches 80 euros. EXPRESS SHIPPING Provided by TNT delivery service, available all over the world. Purchase it at Checkout and write down your phone number in notes, since it is necessary for the delivery services. Pick the area (EU or NON-EU) according to your shipping address. TNT says the estimated delivery - up to 4 w.d. Price to EU countries: 20 euros Price to Non-EU countries: 30 euros OTHER SHIPPING OPTIONS If you have a shipping company you trust, contact us directly and we will do the best we can to ship your purchase with your chosen courier.
  • How to take care of amber?
    We have a detailed suggestions in our blog, please take a look:
  • Do you make custom orders?
    It really depends on the query, so please contact us with your ideas and wishes and we'll see if we are able to make a custom amber jewelry piece specially for you.
  • Is it possible to order gift wrapping?
    Yes! Gift wrapping is available on an extra cost - 3 EUR. Put it in your cart and your Amber Jewelry* will be carefully put into a high-quality dark grey and silver shades box with our golden logo and tied with an elegant golden color ribbon. *If you are purchasing more than one amber jewelry piece, please let us know which one you want to be gift-wrapped in a field on the right. Attention! If you want products to be gift-wrapped in separate boxes, please add gift wrapping as many as you need packages.
  • Do you provide a certificate of authenticity?
    We are manufacturers of all amber jewelry in our shop, that's why we guarantee that the products are authentic and made from genuine, natural amber. We always put a business card size certificate of authenticity in the package.
  • How to define is Amber is natural?
    We have answered this question in a blog How to know that amber is genuine? and in Blog series “Fixing” Amber with a special Epoxy Resin
  • If I want to return a product whih was shipped with the express option?
    In case the Buyer chooses other than the usual cheapest method of delivery of items, i.e. if the Buyer chooses express shipping option, we will deduct the difference between express shipping fee and fee for shipping under general order (which usually is EUR 8)) from the payments to be returned to the Buyer in case of return of the items.
  • What products cannot be returned?
    - Amber Raw Material pieces. - Earrings - Rings
  • How can I place a wholesale order?
    Please write us SKU's or send us photos of the products that you wish to offer and we will contact you regarding pricing, produce time and other details. ​
  • Is it possible to buy products in big quantities?
    Of course. Most of you know, that Torvela is an amber jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler. We have been selling our amber production in worldwide exhibitions, including Asia, the USA, Europe, for more than 20 years. We continue doing it to this day.
  • What is the Raw Amber Material that you are selling?
    100% natural amber raw material stones, from 50 to 300 grams. They are mostly matt yellow, so spectacular amber carvings or souvenir stones can be made out of them. They are only carefully washed and they were not treated with heat, in autoclave or in any other ways.
  • What is Copal?
    Learn about Copal at our Blog, where we have gathered the most valuable information about it.
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