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“Fixing” Amber with a special Epoxy Resin. Part 4

So far we’ve learned that some people are using epoxy resin for these reasons:

  • To mask and hide various cracks and openings in natural amber

  • To grow an amber stone bigger, that is to say, make a piece thicker and heavier

  • To manually attach inclusions to the stone

  • To create other manipulations (maybe including shapes, colors, etc.)

In conclusion, all these little explanations lead us to the only reason, why these people are choosing to use epoxy resin. That is, to make their clients happy with “high-quality”, “natural”, “cheap” amber, and to make maximum amount (and even more) profit from their fake amber jewelry.

If you don’t want to wear some chemicals surrounded amber on your neck, your hand, ears or finger, we can only suggest you to check your amber jewelry’s quality and originality at the institute of gemology with the method of spectrum analysis.

The scientists would be picking a small amount of the amber and then they would get information, how many of it is real amber, how many, and what type of chemicals were applied to it.

But, have in mind, that if the necklace which you are checking, is from many different beads (remember the necklace we showed you in Part 1), some beads might have been healed with epoxy resin, and some not. Maybe the touch of this material was very delicate, only to the small cracks which now are completely indistinguishable.

This method is not cheap, quick, or 100% reliable. So we are getting back to the start.

Be conscious when choosing your favorite amber jewelry shop or manufacturer. Have in mind, the current situation in the world with the raw material, salaries rise, etc., and think clearly, whether the price you are getting is too good to be true?

Take responsibility for your actions, listen to your inner voice.

* Important! Our company, Amber by Torvela, is categorically against any unconscientious adjustments and manipulations when producing amber jewelry. We do not use any glue, lacquer, dye, epoxy resin, plastic or any other chemical materials in our amber jewelry.

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