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“Fixing” Amber with a special Epoxy Resin. Part 1

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Nowadays, when amber jewelry’s demand is very high, and when the high-quality raw material consists maximum 7-10% (depending on the mining place), yet many consumers insist on having their amber jewelry made cheap, beautiful, and with no imperfections, many manufacturers are trying to comply with their clients' wishes.

And so they start fixing amber. Some of them are using lacquer, some are making very high-quality pressed amber, and some are using a special epoxy resin, about which we are going to talk today.

With no further introductions, we would like to present to you a little amber piece, which is completely natural. It has many cracks, many imperfections, even holes, which formed in nature.

We’ve made an experiment, in order to show you, how this special epoxy resin works. So why are we stressing the importance of this material so much? Take a look yourselves.

This is the same amber piece, only covered with a special epoxy resin and then polished.

“ As you can see, the surface of this piece is completely perfect, with no cracks, no holes.”

If you are determined, that you would be able to detect this unconscientious adjustment, then take a look at this necklace.

The bead which is in the red circle is the same bead. Its surface was roughened, made into “frosted” style. Now you might agree, that it is impossible to distinguish this “healed” amber piece from other, 100% natural amber beads, once it is in the necklace.

Read more about this special epoxy resin in soon-to-be-published Part 2.

* Important! Our company, Amber by Torvela, is categorically against any unconscientious adjustments and manipulations when producing amber jewelry. We do not use any glue, lacquer, dye, epoxy resin, plastic or any other chemical materials in our amber jewelry.

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