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Outfits inspirations for Winter 2022-2023

When winter comes and days are shorter and darker we want to include some light and some colors in our everyday life.

We want to inspire you and share ideas on how to match winter outfits with our exclusive amber jewelry.

Winter associates with Christmas, and Christmas associates with the red color.

So here are our exclusive dark cherry color amber earrings and a necklace for you to choose from - either it is amber drops necklace or oval beads in ombre style necklace.

You will look fantastic and luxurious with this amber jewelry set during Christmas time, we guarantee!

If you most often choose black outfits you could still brighten them up with matt yellow color jewelry.

Combine not heated matt yellow amber beads necklace with a massive yellow cuff bracelet and oval shape earrings add uniqueness and uplifting colors to your whole look!

If your favorite color is grey, you could match your outfits with our green color jewelry: massive cuff bracelets, drop shape earrings, and rectangular beads one-of-the-kind necklace.

You will look fabulous with these amber pieces!

We hope that our outfits and amber jewelry sets inspired you and there will no trouble when picking up what to wear this winter.

However, if you still need some guidance on how to match your amber jewelry with your closet, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you!

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