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Green and Black Amber: Uncovering the Secrets of These Colors

Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of winter with our latest collection – “Frostfire Glow”, a harmonious blend of captivating greens and the mysterious allure of black amber.

This meticulously crafted assortment offers a delightful combination of diverse shapes, vibrant colors, intricate designs, and handcrafted artistry. Before delving into the details, let's explore the unique color range that sets this collection apart.

Green Amber

The verdant hues of green amber are a result of the resin's interaction with chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. As resin falls near these plants, it captures fragments, creating distinctive inclusions of plant material within each amber piece.

This not only amplifies the individuality of each specimen but also influences a stunning color spectrum, ranging from light to rich dark greens.

Historically associated with good luck and beliefs in immortality, green amber's cultural significance enhances its mystique and desirability.

Black Amber

Exuding a mystical appeal, black amber is known for its enigmatic nature, often concealing captivating inclusions like fossilized insects, plant fragments, or intriguing air bubbles within its depths.

These hidden treasures, though not always visible, add an aura of mystery, inviting us to ponder the unseen wonders encapsulated in each piece.

Originating from fossilized tree resin 40 millions of years ago, Black color Baltic amber stands out as a rare and captivating variation with a distinct black color attributed to organic impurities during the fossilization process.

While the darker hue may obscure inclusions compared to lighter ambers, each piece holds unique characteristics and the potential for trapped organisms or debris.

Sourced in the same way as other ambers, black Baltic amber is a commonly found variety, contrasting with the rarity of clear amber which is less frequently encountered due to the unpredictable natural processes involved in its formation.

While clear amber is highly sought after for its scarcity, black Baltic amber, being more abundant, offers a more accessible yet equally fascinating insight into ancient ecosystems and the journey of fossilization.

As the winter season unfolds, let our 'Frostfire Glow' collection be a part of your story. Embrace the beauty and mystique of these unique pieces, each with a tale as rich and captivating as winter itself.

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